Fania Collective

Fania, the iconic brand which has evolved from a legendary NYC-based music label known for launching some of the most influential Latin music stars over the past 50 years, to an innovative and digitally-driven global music, entertainment and lifestyle company, is proud to announce the launch of the Fania Collective, a hand-selected crew of diverse DJs & producers that are ambassadors for the brand. Further expanding on the outstanding projects that Fania has done in the DJ space, the new Fania Collective will showcase artistic collaborations with acclaimed DJs known for their expertise in a various music styles, featuring new releases remixing the Fania catalog, mixtape series, multi-media content features, and live performances through the Armada Fania pop-up DJ event series.

The “first class” of the Fania Collective features DJs hailing from different regions who represent a diverse set of perspectives on Fania's classic sound and its evolution: LA-based Latin/Afro-house authority Jose Marquez and moombathon inventor Dave Nada; NYC’s Latin soul & boogaloo expert DJ Turmix, and Texas nu-cumbia powerhouse El Dusty.