Dave Nada

 Dave Nada, born in Maryland to Ecuadorian parents, grew up surrounded by the sounds of folkloric music, cumbia, salsa, merengue, reggaeton and his four brothers. As a teen, he gravitated toward the legendary hardcore punk scene in Washington DC. In 2009, he created moombahton, the fusion genre of house music and reggaeton. By slowing down Afrojack’s remix of Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie’s song “Moombah” from 128 BPM to 108 BPM, Nada created what was later to become a sensation.

Dave Nada, currently on his Real Moombahton Hours tour, is on the road supporting local charities and non-profit organizations in each town he visits. In his own words, “Moombahton has always been a family affair, so I’m using my platform to help others and to raise awareness for groups and institutions that need it. The world needs to party together some more and nothing brings a dance floor together like moombahton.”

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