• Fania Revolution is back!
Fania Revolution is back!

Channel: Caliente

Title: “Fania Revolution with Salsa Icon Ismael Miranda”

Description: Fania Records, the legendary New York label that pioneered salsa, has often been called the Latin Motown and responsible of producing some of the biggest names in Salsa music history- Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades, The Fania All Stars and many more.   Only Caliente brings you another installment of this monthly show called, the “Fania Revolution” hosted by “Ismael Miranda”.  In this show, Ismael Miranda discusses working with some of his friends like Joey Pastrana, Willie Colon, Andy Montañez, and Justo Betancourt. Listen how he met each one of them, the experience of working and recording together.  What role he played on each of the albums and personal anecdotes from those times.  Who better to take you on the journey than salsa legend and Fania artist, Ismael Miranda!  Listen to the stories and memories of this milestone moment in Latino music history as told through the eyes of the man who lived it.  

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